Janet Morgan & Gregory Frux are artists whose sense of adventure, both local and exotic inform and enrich their work. Here you can see work from the Andes, the American Southwest, Antarctica, Canada and Death Valley. 


Janet Morgan's landscapes capture movement and a flexibility of spirit that inspire a desire in the observer to dance in and out of her paintings. She takes inspiration from near and far, often blending it with her other passion – belly dance.  Her bright colors seem to jump off the page. 

When painting the quiet landscapes of his hometown of Brooklyn New York, Greg Frux reaches deep and stirs a longing for a place that is familiar to many. Bringing his unique vision and passion for landscapes far from home, he captures other parts of the world with the same intimacy as where he lives. 

Together they have taken their unique painting styles, often working side by side  in remote locations including Morocco, Peru, Patagonia, Antarctica, Arctic Norway, Central Asia (showing at National Museum of Art of Kyrgyzstan) and Mt. St. Helen National Volcanic Monument and as Artists-in-Residence in Death Valley National Park, Weir Farm National Historic Site, Joshua Tree National Park and Glacier National Park.


Yes, we're still alive!

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